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Calla Lily Bouquet

Most flowers given as gifts are cut from the trees or plants. Calla Lily is a flower both cut and used in bouquets and given as a living potted plant gift. The most common meanings of this bloom include resurrection and rebirth, faith and purity. Our flower shop have many brighten color of Calla Lilies, aside from the classic white, we also have brighten yellow, dark purple and pink. Different color have their own meaning: bright yellow for representing joy, growth, and change; dark purple for royalty and strength; pink for admiration and flirting and dark red for passion. Calla lilies make appropriate gifts for many religious holidays, aside from those occasions, consider giving the gift of the flowers for the birth of a new baby or a child’s birthday. You can also celebrating a loved one’s success at study and work with a bunch of yellow Calla Lilies.

Brand: Ecuador Rose Garden Model: HKF-2612
Flower Delivery by Hong Kong Flower Shop, 10pcs New Zealand Yellow Color Calla Lily Bouquet..
HK$1,065.00 HK$1,015.00
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3510
Ballerina ..
HK$765.00 HK$715.00
Black Color Calla Lily Bouquet Black Color Calla Lily Bouquet
-13 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flower Shop Model: HKF-2865
A bunch of very special Cally Lily in Black Color, Black Color Calla lily Bouquet from New Zealand..
HK$1,595.00 HK$1,395.00
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3508
Blueberry Night ..
HK$695.00 HK$675.00
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKG-2838
White Roses with White Calla Lily in Vase Beautiful Calla lilies and White roses are simply set amongst lush greens in a clear curved glass vase to create a meaningful gift they are sure to love. This Perfect elegant arrangement with Six Roses in White Color and Five Cally Lilles,  best f..
Brand: Holland Tulips Garden Model: HKF-2706
10pcs China Cally Lily with seasonal flowers and fillers in a Round Bouquet ..
HK$765.00 HK$695.00
Brand: Hong Kong Flower Shop Model: HKF-2856
A Special France Style Bouquet with 10pcs Cally Lily from New Zealand beautifully wrapped in a Dark Color paper ..
HK$1,065.00 HK$1,015.00
Brand: Rose Garden Model: HKG-2892
A Bouquet of Four White Lilies and Lisianthus plus Greenery in a beautiful Hand bouquet. White lillies means love and white lisianthus means pure, this is the best for the birthday for mother or girlfriend, send this amazing fresh lily bouquet to her on her birthday will give her a super surprise. ..
My Calla Lily My Calla Lily
-14 %
Brand: Rose Garden Model: HKG-2905
Ten Calla Lily in Yellow color from New Zeland, Fresh,  Simple and Elegant. Calla Lily from New Zeland can keep more than one week under good care. To ensure that quality is perfect, please place the flower order for New Zealand Calla Lily two working days in advance. ..
HK$1,395.00 HK$1,195.00
New Zealand Yellow Calla Lllies
-14 %
Brand: Holland Tulips Garden Model: HKF-2755
New Zealand Yellow Calla Lily, the different with China Calla lily is the flowers is more big and it come from New Zealand , it can keep for more than one week..
HK$1,065.00 HK$915.00
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKG-2835
Ocean Lady One Hygrangea in Blue color with Five Purple Color Calla Lily Bouquet. Want to send something special on her birthday ? Peoples always send rose for birthday flowers, let's try our special flowers bouquet, this blue Hygrangea is come from Gardens in Holland once a week, and the cally ..
HK$1,465.00 HK$1,395.00
Pretty Woman Pretty Woman
-12 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3569
A Wonderful Calla Lily from New Zealand, 10 pcs Pink Color Cally Lily Bouquet for a wonderful Lady ..
HK$1,365.00 HK$1,195.00
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